DuPont Corian or LG Hi-MACS worktops are a blend of natural rock mineral and acrylic. Both surface types are ideally suited for a bathroom design due to its extremely durable surface and the added benefit that if any scratches occur through time, they can be easily polished out. As there are no visible pores or voids that can trap dirt, the surfaces are ultra hygienic and therefore ideal for all bathrooms. Both products are easy to clean, do not absorb liquids or odours and will resist most household stains.

Oasis of Calm

You want your bathroom to be an oasis of calm - the one place where you can be alone with your thoughts. With DuPont Corian or LG Hi-MACS you can give in to your wilder fantasies for luxurious smooth, clean lines or softly undulating curves. Enjoy the tranquillity of pure, unadorned white or express yourself with splashes of colour, the world will have to wait. Shower Rooms and Wet Rooms Both DuPont Corian or LG Hi-MACS are fantastic products for shower room cladding or for your new wet room.